Monday, August 09, 2004

YOUR ROUNDUP OF BUSH DISLIKE POSTS GIMMICK POST OF THE WEEK: Hey look--here's some stuff to feed your Bush hatred. In this way this blog meets the minimum federal standards to qualify as being a politics blog. I get....some kind of matching funds....for....for that.

Team Bush outs Pakistani double agent working deep cover within al Qaeda.

Kerry is ahead in every conceivable way.

Neocon hero-to-his-people Ahmed "sweets and flowers" Chalabi is wanted by the Iraqi courts.

Doug Feith is a charlatan.

The Bush administration lies quite a bit.

And so on. I love how Ahmed is calling in to defend himself from Iran.

Gah. At least we beat Turkey today. I know this is basically the same incoherent "team" of stars and young stars Stern wants to push that got embarassed in Indianapolis two years ago, but the presence of Larry Brown and Popovich suggests to me Team USA will play as well as they can given their incompleteness. Actually, it is the lack of George Karl this time around that's really making me semi-hopeful. The Sternbot must be taught that Team USA is no longer simply a vehicle for the NBA; it has to win, too, because the rest of the world may be catching up but they are sure as shooting not there yet, I'll tell you what.

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