Saturday, August 14, 2004

OLYMPIC WRAPUP POST DAY #4: I'll try to do this, seeing as the MCATs are done and I would love to watch some sports. The fact that this is the world's greatest sporting event means that....that this is a good time to be watching sports.

I was going to just report on everything whether I saw it or not but then I found this giant AP summary of the day's events. So I'll just try and elaborate on the stuff I actually watched.

Weightlifting, Women's: Turkish lady wins it. She stuck her tongue out at one point when she had the weight over her head. The lady on Bravo referred to the Chinese women's weightlifting team (their representative was silver) as the "Dream Team" without any further explanation.

Volleyball, Women's: Well we got stomped. As bad as China got stomped by Germany in soccer, so did they (China) whomp us in volleyball. Apparently the best game wasn't even on teevee--Germany in an upset over Cuba in five sets. I have heard that the best game for Skinemax reasons, Brazil vs. Japan, was televised at the very un-Skinemax time of 9:15 this morning. My gosh, NBC--children could be watching. What? Who won?

Field Hockey, Women's: Germany pulled another upset here, gutting out the victory over Australia 2-1. I find myself rooting against Australia in every international sport I see them in. And I don't think I have anything against Australia, I just end up having a reason to like the country they're up against a little more--their opponents are underdogs, their opponents are hotter, etc.

I had more but I fell asleep waiting for the judo to come on--I wait through that preliminary gymnastics competition for judo, but they put the sailing on first, and the that was the calm blue ocean that let me find my inner Sandman. Or something. See you later today, I hope.

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