Monday, August 30, 2004

OR NOT: Maybe I'll just take the night off. And just post a few random things:

--This Israeli spy thing is still at the point where it can't be parsed down into a sentence or so yet. A lot of it seems to rely on the statements of shadowy underworld types. I dunno. It's something I'm going to have to rely on other people to explain it to me, I think, which I know was the conservative defense as to why they dismissed the Plame thing ("It's too complicated!") but this really is complicated.

--The other big winner from the Olympics? Allen Iverson. The guy did everything right, and since I think a lot of the hate on Team USA '04 is from people who just can't stomach Allen Iverson, well they especially can jump up my butt. Where Duncan was being whiny and complaining about FIBA, AI was the one talking about how he was just happy to be there.

And I'm starting to be swayed by the "Larry Brown is actually a charlatan" arguments. Nothing in particular, just people talking about how he was, from the very start, distancing himself from the inevitable Team USA loss.

--Boy--those Republicans sure do hate Michael Moore. This must be all part of the "risky" Rove strategy of casting off the undecideds and appealing only to the base. I guess he must have it all worked out in terms of Republican governors and swing states and everything.

All right--just some babbling on topics I barely understand.

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