Saturday, August 14, 2004

OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY: I wanted to post this last night, but Blogger was acting up. So I'll say a few things just to maintain my POSTRATE~!

--I, too, would symbolize man's passage from superstition to rationality with a half-naked man walking on a floating cube.

--The blue angel dancing over the procession of Greek history was great. And I loved the float representing the Orthodox depictions of heaven and hell. We knew at that moment we didn't know all we thought we knew about Greece. But all the stuff that we did know was weirdly great too: the people painted as statues, the people dressed as abstract concepts, the red centaur with the slow motion arrow of light--I mean--this was great stuff.

--A lady with a glowing womb gave birth to a giant floating DNA helix.

--And BJORK! Bjork is a marginal figure here, but in the rest of the world, or Greece anyhow, she's big enough to open the friggin' Olympics. She wore a giant dress that stretched out to cover the whole entire athletic assembly. The world was printed on the dress.

--This was the greatest athletic pregame/during-game show of any kind I can remember--granted, that's not stiff competition, but still. An amazing work of collective art.

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