Tuesday, August 17, 2004

OLYMPICS WRAPUP POST DAY #6: Lots of cool stuff today. Capsules.

Swimming: Thorpe defeats Phelps and finally we can maybe stop talking about Phelps. A white girl from Zimbabwe won silver in something. I found that interesting.

Gymnastics, Men's: Due to the magic of the Internet I knew who won, but that didn't stop this from being a really entertaining event. NBC stuck to the story they picked going in that China was the team to beat, and thus eventual gold medal winners Japan were mostly unmentioned until the end, unless they did the personal story on that team and I missed it. But Nippon kicked all kinds of booty in their final event, the high bar, and took the gold. We got silver. Like I said, I knew who won, but our team and Japan's performed so well it was quite the show.

Handball, Men's: And why do they always say it's Team Handball? Is there some kind of solo Handball?

Handball remains the greatest thing to watch at these Olympics. I watched a completely entertaining Slovenia-Croatia contest. I don't know why they dribble the ball exactly once running down the court but I know it is good.

Water Polo, Women's: USA 7, Hungary 6. It's like slow handball.

Judo: FINALLY there was judo on my teevee. I saw Jimmy Pedro make a Frenchman tap out with an armbar. I saw a German beat a North Korean even though the North Korean knocked her down a bunch of times, she just wasn't big enough to knock her down in a way that would produce points--I think by getting her opponent on her back--and so it was a sort of war of attrition. I saw a Korean beat a Russian in a pretty even-handed contest that ended when the Korean reversed the Russian's takedown attempt with 9 seconds left. It is good stuff and I am glad it is on.

Beach Volleyball, Women's: The McPeak/Youngs team beat a pair of Canadians in a nice contest.

Diving, Men: Two Greek men took the synchonized diving gold and there was much full-body hugging in celebration. It was a nice moment, actually--I love the HELLAS! chants.

Sailing: Look, NBC, you're not going to show live sailing. Fine. But whoever you've got doing the voiceover on the day's events is putting me right to sleep.

All right, all I got. Day Seven is beginning in the background in the form of live China v. the US softball.

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