Saturday, August 21, 2004

OLYMPICS WRAPUP POST DAY #10: I'm not going to over all the stuff I Tivoed and didn't watch yet, so I can maybe get to sleep at a normal time tonight. Capsules.

Trampoline, Women's: NBC goes all wishy-washy by not being able to decide if trampoline is a cult sport or a primetime sport and so ends up showing like fifteen minutes of it all chopped up in primetime. The screw-ups in trampoline are car-wreck impressive; the gold medalist from Sydney hit the padded edge of the trampoline on the way down and got knocked clear across to the other side of the trampoline as a result. I have no idea how this is judged--they only showed fifteen minutes and the announcers seemed pretty clueless about what was good and what wasn't. So. NBC couldn't decide quite how they wanted to present it and we, the viewers at home, did suffer.
A German won gold. A Chinese won bronze and the commentator (the one who wasn't the god-like Al Trautwig) described the Chinese team as being "robotic." Isn't that a code word for Asian athlete, the way people sometimes use the word "athletic" to mean "black"? Well, it could be.

Soccer, Women's: My one bold Olympic prediction thus far did not work out and the US moved past Japan today. Every goal was goofy: the first US goal was off a Japanese miscue in the box, the Japanese goal was off a penalty kick that nobody could track down and it just sort of bounced in, and the go-ahead US goal was off a botch Japanese offsides trap that left their goalie alone versus four Americans. Color me unimpressed.

Swimming: Like everyone else, whenever I hear that Kristi Coventry has won something I wonder who is this white chick from Zimbabwe? NBC never mentions it--I guess we're just supposed to assume everything is just hunky-dory back at home, or else they never thought to whip up a personal story about somebody from Zimbabwe.

I hear Mugabe's going to redistribute her medals to the deserving poor when she gets home. ZING!

Archery, Women's: I am sure I would hate the Korean women, who won gold over the Chinese by one arrow on Friday and have won five team golds in a row and are sort of the sports juggernaut I tend to despise, if they weren't Korean women. Shoot that arrow into my heart, li'l darlin's.....

Badminton: I want to add one thing about the mixed doubles from yesterday: it was like a Hong Kong movie. Cocky Chinese hero with questionably morality but an indomitable spirit. Inoffensive, smiling Chinese heroine. The kind of generic white people who pop up in every Jackie Chan movie. It was, like, Shaolin Badminton or something.

Koreans took gold and silver in men's doubles that I didn't wacth. Nothing's going to be more entertaining than mixed doubles anyway.

Shooting: is much less impressive when everybody's lying flat on their stomachs like snipers. But an American takes gold.

Basketball, Women's: Finally caught some of the least-publicized dominant American team at these Olympics--I think the water polo team's been on more than the team with Dawn Staley, American athlete chosen to be the face of all America. They pull it out over Spain in a good little game.

That's it. Hey, I have a job.

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