Thursday, August 19, 2004

OLYMPICS WRAPUP POST DAY #8: Capsules. Hateful Blogger just ate another goddamn post of mine, and I am too strapped for time to recreate it. I'm working now and the time it takes to watch everything does not leave me much time to comment on it. What I did see, was an American take the double trap gold; two Koreans be tied after eleven arrows and the winner hit a bullseye to get the gold; the Dutch women destroy Germany in field hockey; the shot put happened and the crowds looked like the ancient crowds must've, except with less liquor, all massed in the fields there watching people throw stuff as far as they could; I watched the US lose to Canada in water polo and to the Dominican Republic in volleyball. And:

Softball: I'm glad we're really good in softball too, NBC. Do we have to watch them crush another hapless nation live every day?

Look, that's all I got. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

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