Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"WHIMSICAL FORM THE WRATH": Was the title of a piece of spam in my Hotmail today. It couldn't get past my junk e-mail filter, but it wanted to, with a title like that. It was from a Ronny Corbin, and sent to a Dixon, or a Johnny Fernandez, and I was somehow lucky enough to intercept it. Ronny wants me to get my diploma. I can get my MBA, or my PhD, and there aren't even any classes to go to. It sounds like a great deal. But I doubt Ronny's credibility, somehow.

There were some Olympics today. There's a men's tournament nobody cares about, since FIFA doesn't let countries put their best teams in the age 23 and under (I think) Olympics tournament. Thus the women's tournament is the only one worth watching, even though it's only ten teams--but that's a good number, actually, given the global level of competition. Anyway, we beat the Greek team with its eight Greek-Americans. Germany destroyed China--8-0?! Holy crap! The cadres are going to have to work a little harder for 2008 if they really want the patriotic fervor at a suitable level of intensity. I hadn't realized Sun Wen retired--good luck replacing her. China now is like our team next year. Anyway, Brazil beat Australia 1-0 in a game I didn't see, so I don't know if the fact Brazil only won by a goal means anything. I do know, though, that Japan beating Sweden 1-0 should be considered an upset.

Tonight: physics studying. Jer says I'm full of crap and I hope I can explain why I'm not at some point. But I...I have to study. I think I hear my mom calling me. I...left...the...iron...on...

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