Wednesday, August 04, 2004

WATCHED SOME TEEVEE TONIGHT: While making up the cheatsheet I MEAN equation sheet for the physics test tomorrow.

ESPN: ESPN is great when you turn it on and it's a crowded arena in Chicago watching pro table tennis. Obscure sports made ESPN, not endless baseball analysis.

Teen Titans: This show has grown on me. You just have to accept, when you watch it, that it's not going to try and make overtures to a logically consistent plot the way Justice League does, which was the show I used to compare TT to. Now I just enjoy the anime-tinged fun that is Teen Titans.

Family Guy: Another show that grew on me. At first I thought I was a lame version of the Simpsons; now I think it's a version of the Simpons completely unafraid to take any joke about five steps too far. It frees itself from sitcom conventions this way, which the Simpsons has never quite been able to do.

Futurama: The Christmas episode. Not bad. As comedies, both Groening shows will sacrifice funny in favor of character development or point-making in a way that isn't bad, but that does make the shows less funny.

Sealab 2021: Two episodes from the early part of the show where Sealab got blown up most episodes. Absurdist humor that never fails to make me laugh out loud. Foreigners must have no idea what to make of Sealab, which only proves once again that America is the funniest nation on the planet.

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