Monday, June 03, 2002

ANYWAY: Game Seven the Kings beat themselves. No question. No excuses either, unlike in Game Six which was the NBA fan's worst nightmare in terms of conspiracy-theory feeding by the sheer number of bad, Laker-favoring fouls. A horrible game to watch, was that Game Six. But the league thinks to itself, All right, we'll give Game Seven to the Kings and they basically tried to do that or at least make it an evenly-called game. But the Kings refused to comply and make those free throws and they lost because of that, because of not making the easiest shot in basketball. Mike Bibby tried to will them over the hump but he mostly had no help; Webber didn't disappear --he held Shaq back, he made the first basket in overtime-- but Christie, Stojakovic and Turkoglu flat-out vanished. Nay, they did not vanish, they became actively, conspicuously terrible, Christie and Peja with the missed threes, Hedo with the drive and dish into the hands of like seven Lakers inside. So to sum up, the Kings fell apart at exactly the wrong moment and lost a series they should have won. That is all.

And here's David Aldridge on Game Six. We all saw it.

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