Wednesday, June 05, 2002

NEXT THEY'LL BRING BACK BATMAN FAMILY AS A DAYTIME SOAP: Dreaded Purple Master has the news about the WB's Birds Of Prey, a series steeped in DC continuity, both pre-Crisis (The Huntress, the daughter of the Golden Age Batman and Catwoman) and the 80s "edgy" revisionist period (Oracle, the former Batgirl left paralyzed by the Joker.) Harley Quinn (a Batman: The Animated Series character) and Black Canary (a character who spans the length of superhero comics history) so the WB is really mixing and matching here, like the way you can get tacos and fried rice at the Ponderosa. This all serves to remind me that The Killing Joke --where Batgirl got shot-- is the worst Alan Moore comic I've ever read. Just completely over the top, in a bad way; Moore is better with introverted sociopaths as in From Hell than the in-your-face nuttiness of Joker and Batman. And I hate the fact that such a cruddy comic book is completely enshrined now in DC continuity because it was so popular at the time and took Batman to the next level or what have you. Whatever.

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