Wednesday, June 19, 2002

A LITTLE MORE ON THE KALBI/CAPELLINI GAME: Here's the Sportsfilter discussion on the game, they're theorizing that the ref forgot he had already carded Totti when he carded him again in overtime and forced his ejection from the game. Huh. It was a weird call to make in overtime, so maybe that is the most plausible explanation.

Italy and, that's two fine fine national cuisines and you hate to root for one team over the other based on food terms. If we're picking on that basis, Korea should beat out tasty yet not-quite-spicy-enough Spain and the U.S. should win over Germany --a one-sausage nation-- due to the sheer variety of our food products. Somebody else will have to judge Senegal versus Turkey. I've never had Brazilian food but imagine it has to be spicier than the sturdy potato-and-cow constructions England specializes in so Brazil has the edge there. But England has contributed meat pies and fish and chips to the world cuisine --the latter deserves like a food Nobel Prize-- so it's sort of a wash in my book. I dunno. England on penalty kicks.

Italy and Korea are also two completely baberiffic nations and in that sense the game always was win-win for us, the viewing public. Korea and Spain are kind of a wash in that regard, Brazil whomps England --you know this, maaaann-- we beat the Germans and I think Senegal beats Turkey. Let's face it, though, the U.S. dominates the world stage in terms of attractive women because of the zillion different ways an American woman can be attractive; our multifaceted, unpredictable attack destroys all challengers. America wins the World Cup in the lotsa-hotties scheme.

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