Thursday, June 06, 2002

NETS WATCH: Slate's Hugo Lindren on Keith Van Horn:

What prevents Van Horn from realizing his potential as a 6'10" small forward with a rare array of inside/outside skills is a peculiarly heightened form of self-consciousness. In the way he shoots and cuts to the basket and sets a pick, and even in the way he pulls his socks all the way up to his knees, you can sense an unhealthy fixation on form, on doing it exactly right. Every time Van Horn does something on the court, he is actually doing two things: He is doing whatever it is he is doing, and he is watching himself do it. This hyper self-awareness turns every game into an emotional rollercoaster, full of pointless highs and lows that are often far removed from the outcome of the game. When you see a guy hit a three-pointer in the second quarter and run down the court with his hands in the air as though he had just cured cancer, here is one thing you know: That guy will probably not hit that shot in the fourth quarter.

He also says what we're all thinking: the Nets are a very odd team. Actually, he says the Nets are "a very odd team to have reached the finals", is the exact quote, but I think the fact that they've reached the finals only puts their oddness out there where everybody can see.

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