Wednesday, March 26, 2003

ALSO VIA JOURNALISTA: The 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers. It's great to see New York hate on itself. Number 2 is Ted Rall; here's #1:

1 Keith Blanchard, Editor, Maxim

The smarmy doughboy of the lad mags is still under the illusion that Maxim is the first tits and gadgets magazine ever. Honestly thinks his glossy is a populist organ of substance and not a sheep-herding, post-frat social crutch for drooling, entry-level, corporate cogs. Once disparaged lengthy articles as "rants" aimed at "cranky retirees" and claims his monthly catalogue is the brave, new face of journalism. If so, then journalism exists to give cubicle dudes whack-off material for when their web use is being monitored. No doubt all the interns blew the boss for his debut novel, the borderline-illiterate Maxim epic The Deed, but for everyone else it just cemented his rep as a grade-A asshole.

Keith: You already know that you’re a no-talent hack. Now, you’re officially the most loathsome New Yorker. And to think, you only work here! Congratulations.

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