Thursday, March 20, 2003

FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF WARLIKE TOYS: The GI Joe Hovercraft actually exists. And, also on the Hasbro war front, Optimus Prime just shipped out. Via Hit&Run. You know, it's weird how the pop culture of my childhood (the early 80s) is almost completely un-nostalgiaized--and I'm not sure what I even mean by that. Mainly that the pop culture images of that time are not in general circulation; they only make guest spots in cultish areas like The Cartoon Network and comic books. Like everyone recognizes Yogi Bear or Marvin The Martian or KISS or Darth Vader, but you have to have actually been there at the time to remember Optimus Prime or Skeletor or Cobra Commander. Is it just demographics--late Gen X/early Gen Y being a small generation? Was the 70s the last gasp of a shared national popular culture? Maybe Franklin has some thoughts.

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