Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I DO SO LOVE THE BLOGS: So I love the Jason Malloy response to a Marc Miyake article, and when I go to Amritas to get a follow-up I don't get one but I do get further criticism of the Scientist-Gnome. I'm not informed enough by a long ways to judge how right either guy is; Marc is clearly deep in the Chomsky hate, but he can back up what he says with actual linguistic knowledge--which impresses me, anyway. But I do think Chomsky is going to wind up being closer to the Freud of his field than the Darwin; you know, paradigm-altering, dead wrong about a lot of things, and ceaselessly entertaining. (Chomsky not so entertaining to me as Freud, but others find him entertaining, I understand.) Not someone they keep going back to years after the fact like biologists still do with Chuck Darwin.

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