Monday, March 24, 2003

OLD SCHOOL: Was the movie I saw this weekend and it rocked. It was like they took an 80s frathouse movie and replaced crappy stock actors with actual credible actors. And rewrote every character just slightly so they'd be distinct from the generic fraboys-versus-crusty-dean plot they were trapped in. AND just gave up on pretending 30 year old actors were 20 year old fratboys by just making the characters themselves 30. And made the sole appearance of female nudity in this movie something awful and threatening and directly causing the death of one character. Just a really original reworking of the frathouse genre. Plus I kept getting the Rushmore/Royal Tenenbaums vibes due to Luke Wilson and the first post-Rushmore Sara Tanaka role. The scene with her, Jeremy Piven and Jeremy Piven's lackey in the empty stadium was straight out of Rushmore.

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