Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ABOUT A THIRD OF THE WAY THROUGH ECONNED: And I think I really can recommend it at this point. It's not just a collection of Yves's blogging if that's what you were worried about. There's history here, of how financial economics started to get quantitative (haven't gotten to her conclusions about the ultimate effect of trying to get all physicist-like on finance, though I suspect she thinks they have done more harm than good thus far. I agree!) In the early portions she's already criticized Krugman and Friedman. And I suspect she has a nuanced appreciation of Keynes, unlike--say--that funny but probably unfair Keynes vs Hayek battle rap that came out a few months ago. Four out of five stars on the Amazon scale (four because it really takes a lot for non-fiction to impress me to OMGness. Plus I haven't finished it yet.)

By the way, have you noticed that the popular press has decided it's time we talked about how unappreciated poor Tim Geithner is? When The New Yorker and The Atlantic--those two great middlebrow house organs--pick roughly the same time to run their Geithner appreciations you tend to think something is up. Geithner did his job, America! Our cultural referees have spoken. Pay no attention to those pesky unemployment numbers. Or the utter lack of any kind of financial reform.

Also noted: a glowing appreciation of the CEO of BlackRock. Back to business as usual!

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