Monday, March 22, 2010

EARLY MONDAY MORNING RECIPE BLOGGING: Here is my mom's go-to party casserole recipe. It's actually typed on a scrap of paper, so you know it's been battle tested over the years:

You get your rectangular sized casserole dish, lay six boneless chicken breasts in there, and cover it with some broccoli you've blanched briefly. Three packages seems to mean three of those small square Green Giant frozen vegetable square packages--I used a single good sized BJ's bag of frozen, but just use enough to cover the chicken. Next you mix the remaining ingredients (the handwritten addition is "juice of one lemon") aside from the almonds and breadcrumbs (you don't have to buy Pepperidge Fram crumbs, unless you're a CPB investor--and who doesn't think a soup stock is your best investment at this point?) and spoon that over the broccoli. Then sprinkle on the almonds, and then the breadcrumbs. Easy!

There is some debate whether you mix in the cheddar with the mayo and soup and everything, or if you layer it on top with the almonds and breadcrumbs. I did the former and it worked great. My only concern with the latter is maybe the cheddar getting too crusty from being in the oven that long. It also took more like an hour and fifteen to cook. Oh, and I doubled the curry since I like curry. Might add a little garlic next time I make it, since garlic, like bacon, makes everything better.

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