Monday, March 22, 2010

HIPSTERS AS THE LAST ACCEPTABLE FORM OF AMERICAN PREJUDICE: As you mock this gallery of t-shirt wearing hipsters from SXSW, ask yourself, "But wait--if there was a picture posted of me on the Internet, divorced of all context--would I be a hipster too?" Probably! There's a tendency towards that in all of us Internet types I would imagine. I tend to think that there are no actual proud, card-carrying hipsters, because it's pretty much a negative term at this point. As in, "oh (cultural phenomenon) was awesome, until the hipsters got ahold of it." Who wants to be associated with ruining lovely cultural phenomena? I mean do even the sweatiest, black-framed-glasses-wearing Williamsburgians think they're hipsters? Or is it always somebody else?

(Full disclosure: my current pair of glasses are black frames, and could possibly be considered hipster. They...they were the only pair my plan would pay for. I swear!)

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