Saturday, March 13, 2010

FIREFOX GIVETH, AND FIREFOX TAKETH AWAY: Why does every new Firefox release involve some "upgrade" that I can't imagine anyone actually wanted? And yet generally in any complaint thread about the new feature you'll find people arguing how great whatever the new thing is (or, worse, claiming that the new feature is just so advanced that once you get used to it you'll wonder how you ever got along the old way--thanks for assuming I don't know what I actually want there, sparky) so clearly somebody wants the changes they keep foisting on us.

For example--Firefox 3.6. Now I am at least partially anal retentive. I like my tabs in a certain order. Message board, Blogger, message board, politics blog, everything else. Or message board, politics blogs, shopping sites. (And these orders depend on what computer I am using to "surf the web" as the kids say. I am Rain Man on the Internet.) And I like tabs to open all the way on the right so my tab order is not disturbed. Firefox 3.6 forces tabs to open to the immediate right of whatever tab you've opened a link in and shifts all your other tabs to the right. Outrageous! Who wanted this? Not anyone who values an orderly tabbing experience, that's for sure! So if this is one of your annoyances--it might be, I don't know--the steps noted here will rectify it simply and easily. Tab how you like--not like how The Man says you must tab! Dude, I was using Firefox before it was cool. They've totally sold out now. Totally.

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