Friday, March 12, 2010

THE WONDERS OF CHEAP GENOMICS: Family of four (with two children with rare genetic diseases) have their genomes sequenced. Mutant genes found! Or nearly found--"Family-based genome analysis enabled us to narrow the candidate genes for both of these Mendelian disorders to only four." Fascinating stuff. Soon we'll all get ourselves sequenced ritually, on our 13th birthday or somesuch. And then THE GUVMINT WILL WANT IT ALL!!! Then we'll exercise our 2nd Amendment rights. Darn tootin. Or enact the Thirty-third Amendment where we all have an inalienable right to the privacy of our genetic material. Unless we want to sell our genetic material. Which will be no problem whatsover--the future is a libertarian utopia! And free markets always produce the bestest outcomes. As any American citizen living in 2010 just knows, deep in their bones.

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