Thursday, March 25, 2010

ENVY. IT'S ALL RELATIVE: As seen here (via Balloon Juice.) Wherein science says you only feel bad about how little money you're making relative to your friends. Wonder if this is the sort of thing you can train yourself to emote around, because I imagine I am on the lower end of the income scale relative to--say--my Facebook network. And I don't want to resent them! Maybe you can get around it if you substitute other things in place for money. As in, "Sure, my peer group is way loaded compared to me. But in terms of obscure comic book knowledge, I'm a billionaire! Relatively speaking." Yeah, that might work.

(Speaking of Balloon Juice: Intense dislike to DougJ here for lumping Jesse Walker in with the more awful Reasonoids. Man should not be lumped with his tea party-loving fellow travelers. Unless you want him to quit out of ideological purity.)

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