Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IN SICKNESS AND IN SICKNESS: Don't you hate it when you've been blowing your nose so much the edge of your nostril starts getting dry and flakey? I mean, dude, that's gross. And you're totally unprepared for the sickness as usual (the daily vitamin C did nothing apparently) so you have no Puffs Plus and are stuck using the portable tissue packs you found under the sink and old Popeye's napkins. Yeah.

But! The sickness allows you to test your resolve vis-a-vis your workout routine. I have not skipped a day! That is good, because science has proven while skipping a day here and there won't kill your attempt to form a habit, skipping in the beginning isn't the most helpful thing to do either. I think I'm on Day 17 of the habitual working-out. Science has also proven it takes about 66 days to reach maximum habitualness. I only have 49 days to go!

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