Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'M SO NOT A DEMOCRAT: Despite my voter registration! Which I changed back when I thought Barry O was a long shot and desperately did not want the presidency to keep changing hands between the two same political families. See where caring about politics gets you? It gets you a whole bunch of celebratory #hcr tweets. Which inspire a whole range of emotions somewhere inbetween eyeroll and facepalm in me. I mean I get the tactical reason to act like the chicken in every insurance company's stewpot bill is a great legislative accomplishment and all, since otherwise people might start thinking about the utter lack of financial reform, which is bad for Democrats in the fall. (They might--but they probably won't. Stupid memory hole.) But not celebrating. You have to be a real Democrat for that and I am some sort of DINO apparently, a prime target for the Democratic equivalent of the Club For Growth. If such an organization actually existed.

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