Monday, March 08, 2010

BONOBOS (THE CONTINUING STORY): Of which this appears to be the first part. I never mentioned bonobos on this blog before? Huh. Let's change that! Bonobos opt for altruism. Via Yves. Given food they'll opt to unlock their fellows and share it with them. OMG what happened to red in tooth and claw??? (It was a poem--that's what happened to it.)

Remember, everyone, bonobos and chimps are equally related to our species. Science has removed a lot of the emotional value of devils and angels and left nothing to replace it with in our internal narratives. Why not think of one's self as a being forever caught between warlike chimpdom and peace-loving (and just loving, in the carnal sense) bonobo-ness? They are the better primates of our nature. Yes--this is totally the religion I'm working on. Jack Chick-style tracts to follow. ("I'm sorry, Steve, but without bonobos--your family is doomed.")

Noted with one comment: bonobo does not exist in the Blogger autocorrect dictionary. This is what happens when you can't get your species in Hollywood.

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