Tuesday, March 30, 2010

REORGANIZING THE OLD COMICS COLLECTION: Used to want to just keep everything absolutely alphabetical, like in the good Mr Overstreet's annual volumes. But my collection is way out of hand and anyway I don't think storing things like that exactly encourages rereading--and why keep a collection if I'm not going to reread them? I am not, for the most part, a bags and boards collector, though times in the past I have been attracted to that style, to it's neatness and uniformity, I guess. But my passion for uniformity never lasts long. And besides it's a pain in the hinder to individually wrap all those comics and break out the little strip of Scotch tape. What I'm proposing is a variant on the bags-and-boards style, wherein I bag comics as a set when they contain a single storyline. Maybe even labeling the bags with the story title? Who knows! My anal-retentiveness can take many forms. But I doubt I'll go that far on a consistent basis. Alls I want is an orderly process to decide which comics to keep and which to ebay/yard sale/donate/recycle.

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