Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NCAA STANDS FOR NO CAVORTING ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION: Doesn't roll off your tongue like the similarly-intended No Fun League, does it? We'll work on that. Anyway, Temple and Cornell are probably the two teams nobody wants to play in the first round of the NCAAs--so let's put 'em in the same jar, shake 'em up and watch 'em fight! It's the basketball version of the most recent Fiesta Bowl. Though the reasoning behind it is probably less sinister (and since the college basketball postseason is infinitely less sinister than the college football postseason it would almost have to be less sinister.) The bracketologists probably just thought the Dunph vs an Ivy League team and Dunph vs a former assistant were pretty good storylines for an opening round game and how much fun to you get to have like that in the first round anyway? So they went with that. Hey--that's what Dunph himself thinks:

“I think this was a planned endeavor by the committee,” Dunphy said at the Liacouris Center. “I think this was a planned matchup. If you had said to me who do you not want to play, I would say Cornell. Steve and I are good friends. There’s just a no-win situation in that.”

Dunphy also said he felt the Owls’ seed “was going to be 4 or 5.

“I thought if we could win today it was going to be 4,” he said.

Well the good news is (if you're a Temple fan) that Dunphy is 1-22 vs former assistants (via Dan Levy.)

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