Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LATE TO THESE (COMICS EDITION): SEK and Erin Polgreen give form to my ill-thought out, but genuinely felt, dislike of Mark Millar.

EDIT: To add my quick summation of his work--he's an excellent and energetic self-promoter who doesn't have too much interesting to say within his chosen genre (the superhero) other than "Aren't these male power fantasies sort of silly? Here, let me show you how silly." And then he gets silly. But his power fantasies remain power fantasies, with maybe a dose of ironic distance thrown in. Any subversiveness you're detecting, you're probably in the main bringing it to the table yourself. But he's certainly found a niche! The creative ecosystem is vast, and has room for many, many types--may we all find our niches.

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