Tuesday, March 02, 2010

MITTMENTUM STAGGERS FORWARD: Or at least moves in some direction--possibly swaying side to side. And then Spencer Ackerman reads his book so you don't have to.

“[T]here can be no rational denial of the reality that America is a decidedly good nation,” writes Romney, or perhaps a third grader. “Therefore, it is good for America to be strong.”
That's in there! It's called "No Apology"! So if you were the sort of Obama voter who was voting to sort of apologize to the rest of the world for the previous 8 years...yeah. This probably isn't for you. Mitt is such a transparently conservative focus grouped individual. A walking font of Reaganite shibboleths that have been polished down to be as generic and broadly-appealing as possible. With a power executive haircut. And he's their best chance in 2012!

Look, the bloom is long off the rose between me and Barry O. Nobody can be plugged into the finance blogosphere and stay Obot. But as long as the Republicans remain not just incompetent, but aggressively stupid, I will have to continue supporting the Indonesian. I mean--look at this part:

At one point in the text, Romney is forced to concede that the Council on Foreign Relations wrote that until at least 2030 there is “no evidence to support the notion that China will become a peer military competitor of the United States.” He waves away that inconvenient fact:
On the other hand, Afghanistan fighters were certainly not a peer military with the Soviet Union, yet they defeated the Soviets — not globally of course, but certainly in Afghanistan.
One could conclude from this analogy that the lesson for the U.S., then, is not to invade and occupy China.
I agree! Thanks, Mitt!

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